"I've worked with Cymone for over ten years, and always found her to be

nothing short of brilliant in the studio.


Cymone approaches every script with a rare enthusiasm that means you always

get the delivery you wanted.


It's very rare to find voice talent who are great voice actors, but also have

great vocal control and pronunciation. Usually you have to choose one or the

other, but Cymone is absolutely brilliant for both.


I've used Cymone on two award winning radio campaigns where I knew the right

voice would make all the difference to the realisation of the idea. She was

the first person I called.


I can't recommend Cymone enough, but if you do use her, please do so

sparingly. If I then go to book her and I find out you've already got her at

that time I'll be really annoyed."


Matt Dickson

Creative Solutions Director


Cymone Rose