What clients are saying about Cymone:



Luke Downs - Managing Director, RMK Voice Management

Michael Anderson - Creative Director, Triple M Network Imaging

Amanda Mason - Creative Services Manager, Arena TV on Foxtel

Matt Dickson - Creative Solutions Director, Austereo

Melissa Wilson - Senior TV Series Producer, Showtime

John Dickson - National Creative Director, Heard/Triple M/2dayfm

Jasmine Dodd - Marketing Executive, Channel 7

Colin Tuohy - Senior TV Producer, McCann Advertising

Alida Henson - Creative, Austereo Perth

Cindy Donato - Creative, Nova Radio Brisbane

Oliver Sarkas - Producer, Captiv8 Media Production

Diana Costantini - Creative Director, Tactic Creative Services

Belinda Roberts - Writer/Producer, Roadshow Entertainment


“Hands down one the best voice over artists I have ever worked with” M.Robb, Producer, Foxtel


“She’s the most vibrant, kind and professional voice artist out there.” D. Dalton, Qantas


“An amazing listener, responds superbly to direction, talented, focused, super intelligent, creative, patient, funny… true professionalism” A.Fitzgerald, Producer, Foxtel


“Cymone is one of the best in Australia. Casting Cymone on any project assures a professionalism and work ethic that is guaranteed to get results” D.Missen, Production Mgr, Austereo


“True professional. Gets the job done without fuss, often requiring only one take.” L.Wall, Producer, Foxtel


“One of my favourite voice actors. She’s warm, bright, effervescent, dramatic, cool, calm, quite, loud, hard, soft, melodic, sexy, emotive, happy, sad, light, heavy, eager, real, unreal, and most of all fun!” B.Dowling, Owner TSD Production


“It’s rare to find a Voice Actor who just “gets it”, however when you work with Cymone you get exactly that. Her professionalism and attention to her craft means top shelf results everytime without fuss. In an industry that is looking at the clock and reducing costs every step of the way, it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone like Cymone breeze in and effortlessly nail every session.” M.Keygan, Producer, Foxtel

“Quickly understands the brief, provides fantastic diversity and flexibility and is always reliable. Highly recommended” K.Maher, Director, Captiv8


“Cymone is highly experienced and versatile. I’ve worked with her for over 10 years and, in the literally thousands of reads she has recorded for me, has barely made a mistake or misinterpreted a brief. In the studio, time is money and Cymone is exceptional at providing a great performance in a very short time. Whether the job is a corporate narration, a TVC, or an acting performance, I can’t recommend Cymone highly enough. D.Allan, Owner Zig Zag


“A vast vocal and character range and is never daunted by difficult jobs or direction. A delight to work with and makes every job easy.” S.Hessell, Plush Films /Bento Production


“She is wonderfully versatile as a voice artist, as well as being very warm, patient and professional with clients. Cymone has always been the total package - reliable, professional, talented and gorgeous, we all love working with her!” K. Henwood, Nylon


“Cymone brings experience, creativity, enthusiasm and great fun to every session. She’ll get there on time, be lovely to your clients, take direction well, deliver fantastic work and make it a very easy decision to hire her again. I can’t recommend Cymone highly enough” S.O’Donoghue, ABC Media Manager


“Talented, versatile artist who gives you 110% everytime. A true pleasure to work with, a favourite within copywriter and producer circles for 3 main reasons: Top quality work everytime, not a drop of ego and willing to give her all with any genre, style, accent, emotion or sing-a-along.” M.Butler, Senior Creative, ARN


“Cymone’s got the franchise on one take wonders!” Nathan Russell, Creative Director, Nova 106.9 Brisbane


“She’s the Bomb! Her Voice Overs are always bang on!” Darren Russell, Creative Director, Nova 91.9 Adelaide


“Cymone has such a great range with her voice acting and characters,
that she’s always my first point of call when we need talent” Evan Steer, Producer, Foxtel

Cymone Rose